Cuckold Humiliation: Cuckolded by another Woman

Imagine being tied up in some way that makes it impossible for you to either escape or to touch your hard little cock.  Perhaps you could be sitting in a chair with your hands bound behind you and your legs tied to the chair legs.  Your poor, neglected little dick would be standing at attention and protruding from between your thighs.

You’ve always told me that you want to be my little cuckold

Well, tonight, you’re getting that fantasy of yours fulfilled.  Only your femdom Mistress is going to put her own personal spin on it.  Aren’t you excited?

One of my Mistress friends is going to come over, and the two of us are going to tease you like crazy.  You do like tease and denial, after all.  We’ll run our hands over your trembling body and tease your little cock.  You already know that you’re not going to get anything tonight.  We just like tormenting you.

Then, when we start kissing in front of you and taking each others’ clothes off, you realize that this isn’t just one of your cuckold fantasies.  The only flesh-and-blood cock here tonight is the useless little thing between your legs, and we certainly won’t need that for anything.

How humiliating for you…cuckolded by and with a woman.

Isn’t it funny that I’d rather have a beautiful woman’s hands, lips, and tongue than your silly little dick?

You did notice that I said the only *real* cock here tonight is yours, right?  I said nothing of toys.  I know for a fact that my friend has a huge dildo that she likes to use in her strap-on.  She’s going to lie down on top of me and put that big silicone cock inside me.  It must be terribly embarrassing to be shown how to fuck by a woman!

Your poor little dick is going to be about to explode, but you can’t touch it.  And we’re definitely not going to play with it for you.  We’ve got far better things to worry about than how horny your ass is.  Maybe if you’re really lucky, my naughty Mistress friend will let you lick my juices off of her strap-on dildo after she finishes fucking me.


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Cuckolded by the Boss

You know you are being cuckolded by your boss don’t you

You know that your wife has been sleeping with the boss for quite some time don’t you. It must be incredibly humiliating going into work day after day, knowing that when you stay late—its because you’ve been asked to pick up the slack from your boss—and he is leaving EARLY to go fuck your pretty little wife.

The funny thing is, is you are not man enough to stand up and fight for yourself are you. You just walk around, cheeks bright red with embarrassment as the whispers, and giggles seem to be roaring around you.

But, you keep on going back. You go back to work, you do your work, and then you go home to your slut of a wife.

The bizarre part is…your wife is nice to you.

She sensually reminds you of exactly why you are being cuckolded

on occasion she even allows you to watch, and stroke your insignificant prick with her moistened panties.

Your wife is sweet as sugar considering the circumstances, and she loves you. But she is incredibly turned on by how dominate and masculine your boss is. He is the epitome of a real man. From his tall, dark and handsome features, to his chiseled pecks, sculpted body…and huge low swinging cock that fills her up and stretches her out.

He is the one that humiliates you.

It’s a strange kind of feeling isn’t it.

She giggles, and smiles at you. Kisses you on the forehead and regularly reminds you that this is what you deserve. This is happening because of your small penis, this is happening because you just aren’t man enough to satisfy her.

Then the boss booms in, calling you a pathetic wimp. Forcing you to watch his every move while he fucks your wife until she cums at least 5 times…something you’ve never done.

Want to dive into this cuckold fantasy, uncensored, with much more details?

If you are really daring, you can roleplay this out with another man on the phone (a real man)

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Indulging Cuckold Cravings

Fear not, little cuckold, you are in good hands.  Or perhaps I should say, you’re about to be transformed by the hypnotic sounds of my voice into a perfectly obedient cuckold as we indulge in your cuckold cravings.

In my mesmerizing world of sultrily seductive cuckold phone sex, your one desire is to please and serve me. 

That may entail many things, my little slut pup, so I hope you brought your appetite.  Once I’ve caught your mind and imagination in my web of entrancement, you will happily fluff my lover for me.  You will also beg to sop up cum-filled creampies with your hungry tongue.  You will not miss a drop.

I also like to use my new found cuckold puppet as a tool to better enhance my experience with my sexy lover.  You may be required to elevate my hips so as to facilitate a better angle for mine and his pleasure.  Of course, this means you’ll be better able to feel every juicy thrust as well.

In the end, it won’t matter what exactly we play.  I enjoy playing many hot phone sex fantasies.  What will remain with you will be my seductive entrancing tones that will seep into your memory and your thirst will only be quenched when you call

Allow me to mold you from the pathetic, sexually useless male that you are, and turn you into the proper cuckold husband.

If you are brave enough or seeking a more realistic cuckold experience, take the step to call me and my bull.

We will have some cuckold fun together.

And for the beginners, cum to Mistress Lillith and let me guide you through the world of cuckold fantasies.

Indulge in your Cuckold Cravings

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