The Sexually Adventurous are free

The world is so uptight. Everyone fighting over everything, everyone constantly on edge and afraid. It used to be that when someone was on edge we’d make the comment that ‘he/she just needs to get laid’

In fact, if you look up the history of the vibrator it was created by doctors to cure ‘Female Hysteria’ – apparently, we get hysterical when we are sexually aroused and haven’t had our own climatic release in quite some time.

If you notice, those that are sexually adventurous and have lively sex lives, seem to be more carefree.  They walk around with smiles, fewer things really get to them. And they are less on edge.

That is kind of funny…the more I edge you in a tease and denial training session, the more you are on edge in the outside/vanilla world. Although, being on edge sexually isn’t quite the same as walking around on edge in the vanilla world, perhaps tease and denial IS your release and you are less on edge, by being edge. Like the circular logic there? LOL BDSM, Kink and Fetish is quite the rabbit hole.

Regardless, while the rest of the world may chastise those that have a peculiar sexual appetite, it is not us that they need to worry about.

You may not be open about your cravings, kinks and fetish lifestyles—and you may fall victim to the double life dilemma…that doesn’t change that you are sexually adventurous, ergo you are more free than most pent up, sexually frustrated prudes that walk around.

More KINK, less hate.

Find freedom, in sexually freeing yourself. Trying something new. Take a walk on the wild side. Do something you never thought about before. You may find that you enjoy it more than you think and suddenly your eyes are opened and you can breathe a little bit more.

I can be your fetish guidance counselor for you, taking you down the different paths related to femdom and bdsm. I can free you from your vanilla traps, while encasing you in my own. I am just one avenue to seek and learn, there are numerous others, there are very few limits when consenting adults are involved.

Try a new sexual adventure and free yourself.

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Cuckold Humiliation: Cuckolded by another Woman

Imagine being tied up in some way that makes it impossible for you to either escape or to touch your hard little cock.  Perhaps you could be sitting in a chair with your hands bound behind you and your legs tied to the chair legs.  Your poor, neglected little dick would be standing at attention and protruding from between your thighs.

You’ve always told me that you want to be my little cuckold

Well, tonight, you’re getting that fantasy of yours fulfilled.  Only your femdom Mistress is going to put her own personal spin on it.  Aren’t you excited?

One of my Mistress friends is going to come over, and the two of us are going to tease you like crazy.  You do like tease and denial, after all.  We’ll run our hands over your trembling body and tease your little cock.  You already know that you’re not going to get anything tonight.  We just like tormenting you.

Then, when we start kissing in front of you and taking each others’ clothes off, you realize that this isn’t just one of your cuckold fantasies.  The only flesh-and-blood cock here tonight is the useless little thing between your legs, and we certainly won’t need that for anything.

How humiliating for you…cuckolded by and with a woman.

Isn’t it funny that I’d rather have a beautiful woman’s hands, lips, and tongue than your silly little dick?

You did notice that I said the only *real* cock here tonight is yours, right?  I said nothing of toys.  I know for a fact that my friend has a huge dildo that she likes to use in her strap-on.  She’s going to lie down on top of me and put that big silicone cock inside me.  It must be terribly embarrassing to be shown how to fuck by a woman!

Your poor little dick is going to be about to explode, but you can’t touch it.  And we’re definitely not going to play with it for you.  We’ve got far better things to worry about than how horny your ass is.  Maybe if you’re really lucky, my naughty Mistress friend will let you lick my juices off of her strap-on dildo after she finishes fucking me.


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Sensual Domination at its finest: Nurturing Domme

Sometimes you just need sensual dominance, a more nurturing domme

You’ve had a long hard day at work. You basically run the place. You are Mister Macho.

So when you come to me. You are searching for a way to loosen your tie and just leave your inhibitions at the door. You are looking for a sexy, sensual woman to take total control.

While I’m sure you have seen my very strict, dominate side…hopefully you are also aware of my sensual dominate side.

The more nurturing dominate side.

I am a mistress of all trades, a true fetishist and I know how to fulfill those desires that you seek.

Slowly but surely the stress from your work week will melt away as you slip under my spell, under my control- A loving, sensual domme that has your best interests at heart…with a few interests of mine.

I’ll make you the center of my attention—the focus of my domination–Using it to bring your cock to that edge time and time again. You will understand the true meaning of tantric masturbation, of how good it feels to let a dominate woman take the reins and take control in ways you never thought imaginable.

Come to me baby, come with me. Together let’s explore sensual domination.

The various degrees of what domination is. With just a few questions, I’ll be wrapping you around my pretty little princess finger, and you will be begging for release soon enough.

The stress of the day, will soon be forgotten.

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Humiliating Spanking Story and Roleplay

Today started out on a sour note, I came in to work as usual and before I knew it, my computer crashed–I know my way around a computer, but apparently today the computer was just not cooperating  Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long for the IT guy to come running, after all being beautiful has its perks.  I glanced up to see a tall, lanky, member of the geek squad standing over my desk.

“The receptionist said you are having computer problems?”

He leaned over me, his face so close to my voluptuous breast I could feel his breath on my skin.  He was doing this intentionally; my thought confirmed when I felt his hand slide down my side to rest on my hip.  I kept quiet for a moment to see just how far he would take his shenanigans.

“You know they just opened a new fusion restaurant around the corner.  I can pick you up this afternoon and afterwards we can crash my place.  I would love to be balls deep inside of you.”

Who did this little punk think he was?  She could have him fired in a heartbeat, but instead she had something a little more fun in mind.

“Do you know who I am?”

“If you looked up angel in the dictionary, I’m sure your name would be there.”

“Funny, but actually, Im very close friends with CEO of the company and I can easily have you fired.”  The truth was the CEO wasn’t exactly her uncle anymore.  She did however still rendezvous with him every other weekend.

“Please, you wouldn’t…. I need this job.  I have bills to pay!”

“Oh, but I can and I will.”  I said and stormed from my seat and up the elevator.  In minutes, the IT guy and I were seated before my ex-uncle, current lover, and CEO.

“Joshua, Lillith has told me what happened at her desk.  I have to say I am stunned you would commit such an act.  You do know this is grounds for automatic dismissal and will be on your permanent employment record.  You may never work again.”

“Please sir, don’t fire me, I love working here.  I will do anything you ask, just please don’t fire me.”

“Okay, I will make you an offer.  Tonight I will be hosting a dinner party at my house and would like you to be there.  There will be a few members of the board present and some employees from the company.  You may take your punishment as Lillith sees fit there.  You may follow me to my house after work.  Do you agree to this arrangement Joshua?”

“Yes sir, anything to stay employed here.”

Arriving at my uncle’s mansion, I stepped from the car, my excitement building with each step.  I saw Josh step from his small Toyota compact car and onto the sidewalk.  Fear of the unknown flashed across his face as he did his best to contain his emotions.

“Well, well, you did show after all didn’t you Joshie!”  I smiled as one of the other IT guys called out to him.  Oh but this was going to be fun.

Josh’s mouth dropped when he entered the back yard of the huge house.  People were gathered around the center of the court yard, some he knew and some he didn’t.  A contraption set up in the center seemed to be the main attraction.  Leather wrist straps were hanging from the top and at the bottom leather straps for one’s ankles.  Beside the setup stood Lillith, her long brown hair left to hang in curls about her shoulders.  She wore a black corset laced in the front with a single red satin ribbon.  Her long sexy legs magnified by the leather pants and spike heel stilettos she wore.

“Josh, over here.  Strip down to your underwear.”

The look on his face said he wanted to protest; humiliation cast a red blush across his cheeks.  He knew he couldn’t protest he needed this job too much.

Walking over to the center of the group, Joshua dropped his khaki slacks and removed his shoes.  His shirt tail still covered his underwear, but as he began to remove the shirt people began to snicker.  Under the cover of his slacks and light blue dress shirt was a pair of pink lace panties.  A smile danced across my face, I heard the rumors but didn’t know how true they were.

I strapped Joshua’s hands and ankles with the leather cuffs.  He stood there exposed to his peers and a few strangers.

“Today, Joshua made a pass at Lillith at work.  For his direct violation of employee code, he will receive a spanking from Lillith for his indiscretions.”

Paddle in hand, I walked over to him and slowly rolled his pink panties down to his knees.  He would receive his spanking bare bottom.  Smoothing my hands over his tight ass, I massaged the globes and his upper thighs.  To be spanked by a woman in front of the very people he worked for was beyond humiliation.

Loud swooshes sounded through the air before he felt the sting of the paddle.  His body quivered as I continued his punishment.  Squeals of excitement left his lips as the paddle continued to connect with his bare skin.  His erection told the story of how much he enjoyed his punishment.

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