Don’t Get Scammed: Do your Homework

Found yourself the unlucky recipient of a session that you’ve paid for – that was never received? You aren’t alone.

I have heard ‘I was scammed before’ time and time again, some are legitimate concerns others are trying to garner sympathy to get something for free from me (spoiler: it doesn’t work).

It can happen to the best of us. When I first started camming (I had the experience as a pro and virtual domme…but hadn’t offered webcam services) – I too got caught up in a few ‘let me see you for 5 seconds’ that lead to nothing. I chalk it up to experience, have adjusted and moved on.

While YOU getting scammed from someone else isn’t my problem, nor will I make up for them – there are things you can do with minimal work, that would protect yourself.

It really is a shame that there are so many scammers out there subs and Dommes alike. But, there are always sure fire ways to protect yourself. It just means you have to do your homework a little bit. Google can absolutely be your friend in this.

In a sentence: DO YOUR HOMEWORK

Let it be noted, none of this is about getting freebies. An experienced Domme will never give you free time on cam with a ‘promise from you’ that you’ll pay afterward or sign up for a session afterward. It is common knowledge, that THAT is how subs scam and try and get away with things. Even 2 seconds is too much, I won’t do it and others won’t either.

Specifically for Online/Distance Domination Sessions

Obviously, it isn’t fool proof, because every day there are phenomenal Dommes that are coming into the scene and are either brand new all around, or just brand new to the world of distance domination. A new profile doesn’t necessarily mean ‘scammer’

Just because she doesn’t want to get on cam, or doesn’t show face photos, or any photos for that matter – also doesn’t mean you are getting scammed.

Being scammed means you paid for a service and didn’t receive it.

Paying for a skype ID and she does text only or you are the only one hopping on cam, that doesn’t mean she is a scammer. There are MANY pro-dommes and phone Dommes that don’t and won’t get on cam. Unless you specifically paid for a cam session, buying a skype ID with no cam to cam doesn’t mean it’s a scam. You have to read her rules and if you have a question – ask. Don’t play dumb later on and get upset because you didn’t read the rules or clarify something with her first.

If you see a brand new profile and it simply has a few lines of text, and an itty bitty – barely legible photo, there may be some red flags there. Can you look up more info on her? Why not try calling and doing an intro call with her first?

I can’t say DON’T pay for the session up front, and I won’t. Because I charge up front. No money = no session. That is how I protect MYSELF from scammers. The freebie scraps that I throw out there can be found by you, and since they are out there – I won’t give them.  I am a cam/phone/text and pro-domme – I even have clips, so the way I see it – if you need proof, then you can spend 1-5 for the teaser clips I put out there. If you are stressing about spending 1-5 then you probably shouldn’t be seeking a pro-mistress. It is a small amount – if you can’t be bothered to part with it because of your fear of being ‘scammed’ then you simply aren’t the type of submissive I’d be looking for anyway. 😉

There are services out there that charge you per-minute while connected through their system. That is a way to minimize if there is a scammer. If the cam isn’t on within a couple minutes, disconnect. A few dollars and minutes is enough to figure it out.

You can check around, you can use google, you can call and do an interview session to get a feel for someone. Doing your homework keeps you from getting scammed.

If you paid for services not received – THAT is the scam. Period.

You not getting your way because you didn’t look up the fine print – NOT a scam…that is your bad judgment.

If you DON’T want to be scammed – or are apprehensive start with that initial interview call. Don’t think that because a mistress won’t give you ANY free attention means she is a scam. I charge for my time, which means I’m not open to giving it away for free. My contracts have set up fees, I have multiple services I offer for submissives, sissies and fetishists alike – and I am a premium domme – I have options. Some of the lesser amount if you are really gung-ho about ‘getting a feel for me’ – many dommes do. You just have to look it up.

Do Your Homework

That is my advice to keep yourself from getting scammed. One size doesn’t fit all. One domme not giving into your demands – well you have to question YOUR submissiveness if YOU are making ANY kind of demand. Doesn’t make it a scam.

If you have paid for services you have not received – that is a scam, and I do hope in the future you do your homework so that it doesn’t happen again.

If a Domme has provided services and was never paid – that is a scam, and I hope they chose to charge up front the next time — but many have experienced this at least once in their rise to the top. So as a submissive, understand when she does NOTHING without payment first. The homework is up to the submissive.

Experienced submissives know this and it’s ok to be inexperienced, we all had to start at the beginning somewhere. Just be smarter about it.

We like submissive men, not dumb ones and certainly not cheap ones.  

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Your Erotic Financial Advisor Awaits

When the penis does the picking. It get’s itself into trouble. You constantly find yourself in a state of panic, in a state of near or complete ruin. What you need ~ is an erotic financial advisor.

Truth is, your addiction to humiliation, cock control, and your addiction to emptying your wallet into the hands of a beautiful temptress – is NEVER going to go away. The desire WILL continue to grow, sometimes at a steady, slow pace and other times at a rapid rate.

This leaves you scrambling wondering what to do until the next payday. Do you pawn your wedding ring? Do you sell some of your most treasured possessions? How DO you manage the addiction?

The answer is YOU don’t…**I** do. I control your cock, I control your spending habits, I control your addiction. I decide if and when to take it further.  I decide if you should be ruined until the next pay day or if you are allowed a little room to squirm.

I’ve already said that when your penis does the picking, it gets into trouble. But, your penis is already picking me. And I can assure you, that is the single best decision it has made in a very, very long time.

You were put on this earth to spoil and admire and to give all you have. I was put on this earth to BE spoiled, to BE admired, and to take all you have.

At the end of the day ~ I truly have your best intentions at heart. A wallet raped pay pig is well taken care of, well coddled – so long as you are doing what is REALLY important.

I will be taking charge of your finances and I will be that erotic financial advisor – with a side of kink therapy.

One thing to take note of: I am your most important bill. You take care of me, your erotic financial advisor, before you take care of ANYTHING else. Because if you want my guidance, my attention..if you want ME – then you have to take care of me. I come above everything and everyone. And in return, you can find comfort and feel secure with belonging to an elite financial domme.

The pussy will do the picking from now on, it will make the decisions for you from now on. SO, its time to stop dicking around. Your addiction won’t wait. Allow someone that understands your needs to take control. You will get the feeling of relief, if at least for a little bit. At times you may feel weak, but you will feel empowered – like you are making a difference and taking control.

By giving me control of your life, you are taking control of your addiction. Realizing that you’ve never HAD the control and the only way to deal with it – is to have your elite findom – your money goddess – your erotic financial advisor – your EVERYTHING…take control for you.

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What is Subspace?

Ever heard about this so called subspace?

It exists my dears. Several have reached it, and if you are one of my submissive pets…it is a place I intend to take you.

I took the liberty of copying the definition from Wikipedia for you (now, normally I would not use Wikipedia as a worthy source…but for most sexual fetishies and niches, it seems to be ok 😉 )

Subspace (also sub space, flying, or floating), in the context of a BDSM scene, is a psychological state that can sometimes be entered by the person bottoming in the scene.

Subspace is a metaphor for the state the bottom’s mind and body is in during a deeply involved play scene. Many types of BDSM play invoke strong physical responses. The psychological aspect of BDSM also causes many bottoms to mentally separate themselves from their environment as they process the experience. Deep subspace is often characterized as a state of deep recession and incoherence. Deep subspace may also cause a danger in newer bottoms who are unfamiliar with the experience, and require the dominant to keep a careful watch to ensure the bottom isn’t placing himself or herself in danger. Many bottoms require aftercare while returning from subspace.

What does subspace mean to you?

Subspace can be seen as an erotic trance of sorts. You are in a state of pure submissive bliss. You may think you are at you’re weakest state, you’re most vulnerable, but content.

Its one of those feelings that are easier to describe, by placing you there. But it is a state of mind that isn’t easily obtained by just anyone.

Take for example a little newbie pet of mine recently—he has been so eager to leave a lasting impression on his mistress, so willing to make me happy.

Within a few hours of our first session, we was sinking into a subspace. Substantially sooner than most, but we did speak for almost 7 straight hours and just had that spark, that connection.

In his particular subspace, hearing my voice is more erotic and enticing than the fantasy of having sex with me.

His particular situation…he knows he would not even get a pity fuck.

But, he is melting to my voice, he is melting to my words, and adhering to my instructions.

I did not allow him release.

Instead, passed him to another mistress to obtain some more tease and denial training, and we have been bouncing him back and forth.

His level of subspace is so intense, so deep…that I’d almost say it’s the deepest I’ve seen of anyone. His happiness is based on our happiness…on MY happiness.

He could lay there in total silence, counting his breaths, feeling everything around him…not wanting to come back to reality.

But, that is just one example…the experience is different for everyone. If you know YOU , and know your desires, I can get you there quicker…but if you are a newbie sub, and just learning…it could take a tad longer to bring you to that amazing spot known as sub space.

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Femdom relationship : Communication is Key

As with every aspect of life to get the most out of your femdom relationship, communication is KEY.

Being able to articulate your desires, your limits, and address any concerns you may have are paramount to solidifying and moving forth and growing within that setting: regardless if it is a personal femdom relationship or a professional one.

Even if you are just starting out as a submissive, you still have an IDEA of what rode you want to take. If you are a clean slate and are OK with your Domme guiding you through the many layers of the Femdom world that’s ok…just be prepared for what all that may or may not entail.

An experienced Domme will know how to deal with the ‘green’ submissives. But, she will also see through you almost immediately if you are claiming green but are just someone trying to be sneaky for whatever reason you may have. With that said, as new as you may be…you STILL need to have at least an inkling of which direction you want to go, which area you would like to even test drive.

You must always be careful with the statement “Do whatever you want to me” – which is loathed by many Dominants, male and female alike. You make that statement and I’ll immediately go straight to the wallet rapping and pegging. (Hey if that’s something you are into that’s even better 😉 but often times the submissive is looking for something different)

Speaking from experience, my ideal submissive is one that I would classify as a cerebral submissive. One that analyzes, one that experiments, one that isn’t afraid to express his own desires. Of course his desires and my desires SHOULD pair up if we are going to ‘connect’ on a deeper level for the more cerebral part. You could classify it as a mind fuck, one that goes beyond the session. (Im working on a post for what I view as a cerebral submissive that I’ll post at some point)

If you don’t know your limits, it’s important to learn them, so that you can better communicate them. I adore my pain slut submissives, but they absolutely need to know their limits so we can play within safer perimeters — or so I know how far is to far and ease them to that limit so they can one day surpass it. (I certainly have goals for them 😉 )

I have had experiences where we didn’t connect due to lack of communication, both RT pro-sessions and distance. He may not have known HOW to communicate the desires or didn’t understand, and it wasn’t really a blemish on my part as the dominate. I’ve been in the game a long time, I know I’m amazing 😉 For me there has to be more than just ‘do your thing’ if you want MORE than how I respond to ‘do your thing’

Communicating your goals and thoughts is NOT topping from the bottom when coming from a place of honesty and respect. Topping from the bottom is not ok whether you are an online submissive or RT submissive, with your femdom relationship.

In my eyes, those are two completely different beasts.

Everyone has goals. I have my ideas on where I want to take a submissive, and I’m sure the submissive has his own goals. In order for everyone to get the full enjoyment and all around experience…Communication is key within the femdom relationship.

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Why Choose Phone Domination?

Why Phone Domination?

Let’s face it, it can be a truly daunting task picking up the phone and contact a mistress of my skill and ability. I understand…most femdom phone mistresses understand.

But it really is NOT as scary as it seems. Sure I’m dominate, intimidating, beautiful and all of the above…but do you think you’d be the first time phone sex caller I’ve ever had?

I find it WONDERFUL when I get to pop a cherry…and am always willing to guide you through the process of femdom phone domination.

What makes it different with Mistress Lillith

I’ve been at this for over 7 years, and have both real time and phone experience. I am a lifestyle mistress, a pro dominatrix and phone mistress. I am the Mistress of All Trades, and a true fetishist. I am sure you’ve read hundreds of blogs, several laying claim to the same thing—but you can read my feed back for confirmation, or you can always message me with questions that you may have.

My domination phone sessions range from sensual to sadistic and everything in between. After asking just a few questions about what kind of mistress you are looking for, I have all the information I need to give you an amazing domination experience. If it is your first, or your hundredth it will be one you remember. My name will be one you remember.

It’s Safe

Phone sex domination is SAFE sex domination

I always preach safe sex, and while glory holes and cock sucking craigslist ads may come up in fantasy, I am a HUGE proponent of safe sex. What a better way to explore your fantasies than with a Phone Goddess. You have the privacy and discretion of your mistress not having any of your information (except for what YOU supply to her), there is no risk of any kind of venereal disease or STD. You can be who you want to be, and how you want to be…you can loosen your tie and tell your sexual counselor everything without worrying about pure judgment.

What are you waiting for?

If you are on the edge of calling your mistress, take that plunge to submission, take that plunge into a guided masturbation session. Leave your inhibitions behind and come to Mistress Lillith for all your fetish loving needs.

What do you look for in a phone Mistress? What is your biggest fear/concern? Or what do you LOVE most about it?

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