Taboo Mistress Chronicles

You always find mistresses that have certain limits and restrictions. I consider myself to be an unrestricted kinktress and fulfill desires that some would stray away from and certainly turn their nose up at.

I enjoy discussing the taboo fetishes that make people queasy and ones that normally get turned down. Why? Because it is fascinating to know each and every kink and desire – when I say I am a fetishist…I mean I engage in fetish play of all kinds – female domination has many facets and I want to explore every nook and cranny, that is the only way to determine what you TRULY enjoy and what you do not care so much for.

I am a non-judgmental mistress – because of that I have done things such as period training with the sissies, and scat and golden shower play with my humiliation addicts. I’ve engaged in abduction and accomplice roleplays and scenarios and I’ve even played around with some vore stories (especially the ones with you cumming and going at the same time…those are always deviantly delicious)

Because I am sure you would enjoy seeing a more taboo loving mistress, I am going to start the Taboo Mistress Chronicles. I will discuss different taboo subjects that get some cocks rock hard, and I will even highlight some of my more interesting taboo calls and sessions that I receive.

It won’t be for the faint of heart, and if you know anything about me – I have many blogs that I post to regularly so if taboo turns you off,  You can read one of those until I post something that doesn’t make you so squirmy. But if taboo makes you feel all tingly and makes that cock twitch – then enjoy the Taboo Mistress Chronicles – Look for the first one to be posted on Friday (Perhaps I should make every Friday, fetish Friday to post some of the ultimate taboo fetishes)

If you have some taboo kink confession –id love for you to submit it…perhaps you will see a fantasy played out in a blog, or a teaser kinky message from me regarding your particular taboo confession. Click on the Confessions tab at the top to submit yours for the Taboo Mistress Chronicles.

Chat soon fetish lovers.

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Sensory Deprivation: What do you smell?

My BDSM and fetish lovers always have a way of inspiring me to come up with more creative ways to torture and humiliate them — especially when they are on the receiving end of sensory deprivation play.

I always have a special place in my heart for the ones that I decide to do a little sensory deprivation play with—

Let’s set the scene shall we my pets?

You are in a dim, damp room. Sitting in a chair, your hands bound behind it—your feet, shackled to the legs. You have a silk blind fold tied securely around your are otherwise naked and bound.

Nothing but a single lamp swings above you.

A bit of a cold chill sweeps through this damp, dark basement as you hear the door open and that cold rush of air runs through.

You hear the tapping of my spike stiletto heels as I walk towards you slowly.

You can’t see, you can’t really move…but you can speak. You utter the words ‘mistress is that you?’ in a shaky kind of voice, and you hear nothing but a bit of a vindictive low laugh.

You hear the tapping of my heels fade just a tad as I walk over to a table, and then the sound quickens as I walk right back over to you.

You try to pull back when I place my fingers on your chin and pull it upwards, you see the light shine through your blindfold, but nothing else.

I respond to you ‘Yes Pet it is me…but You forgot one thing..”

You respond with, “what did I forget mistress?”

And I respond with “I DIDN’T GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO SPEAK” and quickly place a sweaty, well used sock balled up in your mouth.

I have taken away your sense of sight and it enhances your other senses quite dramatically. I have to wonder how your sense of smell, and taste are.

You hear me roll a chair in front of you and I sit down. I remove the sweaty sock gag and demand an apology, which you ultimately give. Then I share with you the little game that I want to play.

What is this smell?

What is this taste?

Are they my week old worn, smelly panties with pussy juices crusted on the inside? Are they my just been used panties with cum stains? Are they a pair of nylons? Or is it another stale sweaty sock? Is it my well worn shoes that you have been forced to lick, taste, and smell.
I’m curious as to your reactions of each.

Hell, I may up the ante and once I’ve used all my garments, you may be sniffing and tasting parts of my body…front, and back.

If you wanted to play the game I could send them in an unmarked package separated inside, and unlabeled to see if you could guess—Id watch on cam, with you just as bound as my lil subbie boy.

What would your reaction be?

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Time for a CBT, Cock Assault Challenge

I want to play a game with you– a CBT game, a Cock Assault Challenge

A nice, painstaking game of Cock and Ball Torture. While I often tell people that I don’t have a number one favorite because I refuse to pigeon hole myself into any one fetish…I LOVE cock and ball torture. It is ALWAYS right there at the forefront.

On a scale of 1-5 how familiar are you with cock and ball torture?

On a scale of 1-10 how much of a pain slut are you really?

Some little pain sluts think they need lavish cock and ball torture toys to engage in play—while that’s GREAT…you should know that as a mistress that enjoys cock assault, I need VERY little to inflict a whole lot of pain (or any level for that matter)

Whether you have a humbler, parachute and sound unit…or you are in an “empty” hotel room (it’s not really empty love)…I have plenty to go off of.

Want an example?

Look around where you are sitting right now…where are you? (home, work, elsewhere).

Now pick 5-10 items that can be picked up by hand, and share with me what furniture is in the room. Leave the list below or send it to me in a message and I’ll respond with just what to do with those items.

Time to play pain sluts! Game on!

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What is Subspace?

Ever heard about this so called subspace?

It exists my dears. Several have reached it, and if you are one of my submissive pets…it is a place I intend to take you.

I took the liberty of copying the definition from Wikipedia for you (now, normally I would not use Wikipedia as a worthy source…but for most sexual fetishies and niches, it seems to be ok 😉 )

Subspace (also sub space, flying, or floating), in the context of a BDSM scene, is a psychological state that can sometimes be entered by the person bottoming in the scene.

Subspace is a metaphor for the state the bottom’s mind and body is in during a deeply involved play scene. Many types of BDSM play invoke strong physical responses. The psychological aspect of BDSM also causes many bottoms to mentally separate themselves from their environment as they process the experience. Deep subspace is often characterized as a state of deep recession and incoherence. Deep subspace may also cause a danger in newer bottoms who are unfamiliar with the experience, and require the dominant to keep a careful watch to ensure the bottom isn’t placing himself or herself in danger. Many bottoms require aftercare while returning from subspace.

What does subspace mean to you?

Subspace can be seen as an erotic trance of sorts. You are in a state of pure submissive bliss. You may think you are at you’re weakest state, you’re most vulnerable, but content.

Its one of those feelings that are easier to describe, by placing you there. But it is a state of mind that isn’t easily obtained by just anyone.

Take for example a little newbie pet of mine recently—he has been so eager to leave a lasting impression on his mistress, so willing to make me happy.

Within a few hours of our first session, we was sinking into a subspace. Substantially sooner than most, but we did speak for almost 7 straight hours and just had that spark, that connection.

In his particular subspace, hearing my voice is more erotic and enticing than the fantasy of having sex with me.

His particular situation…he knows he would not even get a pity fuck.

But, he is melting to my voice, he is melting to my words, and adhering to my instructions.

I did not allow him release.

Instead, passed him to another mistress to obtain some more tease and denial training, and we have been bouncing him back and forth.

His level of subspace is so intense, so deep…that I’d almost say it’s the deepest I’ve seen of anyone. His happiness is based on our happiness…on MY happiness.

He could lay there in total silence, counting his breaths, feeling everything around him…not wanting to come back to reality.

But, that is just one example…the experience is different for everyone. If you know YOU , and know your desires, I can get you there quicker…but if you are a newbie sub, and just learning…it could take a tad longer to bring you to that amazing spot known as sub space.

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Sensual Domination at its finest: Nurturing Domme

Sometimes you just need sensual dominance, a more nurturing domme

You’ve had a long hard day at work. You basically run the place. You are Mister Macho.

So when you come to me. You are searching for a way to loosen your tie and just leave your inhibitions at the door. You are looking for a sexy, sensual woman to take total control.

While I’m sure you have seen my very strict, dominate side…hopefully you are also aware of my sensual dominate side.

The more nurturing dominate side.

I am a mistress of all trades, a true fetishist and I know how to fulfill those desires that you seek.

Slowly but surely the stress from your work week will melt away as you slip under my spell, under my control- A loving, sensual domme that has your best interests at heart…with a few interests of mine.

I’ll make you the center of my attention—the focus of my domination–Using it to bring your cock to that edge time and time again. You will understand the true meaning of tantric masturbation, of how good it feels to let a dominate woman take the reins and take control in ways you never thought imaginable.

Come to me baby, come with me. Together let’s explore sensual domination.

The various degrees of what domination is. With just a few questions, I’ll be wrapping you around my pretty little princess finger, and you will be begging for release soon enough.

The stress of the day, will soon be forgotten.

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Cuckolded by the Boss

You know you are being cuckolded by your boss don’t you

You know that your wife has been sleeping with the boss for quite some time don’t you. It must be incredibly humiliating going into work day after day, knowing that when you stay late—its because you’ve been asked to pick up the slack from your boss—and he is leaving EARLY to go fuck your pretty little wife.

The funny thing is, is you are not man enough to stand up and fight for yourself are you. You just walk around, cheeks bright red with embarrassment as the whispers, and giggles seem to be roaring around you.

But, you keep on going back. You go back to work, you do your work, and then you go home to your slut of a wife.

The bizarre part is…your wife is nice to you.

She sensually reminds you of exactly why you are being cuckolded

on occasion she even allows you to watch, and stroke your insignificant prick with her moistened panties.

Your wife is sweet as sugar considering the circumstances, and she loves you. But she is incredibly turned on by how dominate and masculine your boss is. He is the epitome of a real man. From his tall, dark and handsome features, to his chiseled pecks, sculpted body…and huge low swinging cock that fills her up and stretches her out.

He is the one that humiliates you.

It’s a strange kind of feeling isn’t it.

She giggles, and smiles at you. Kisses you on the forehead and regularly reminds you that this is what you deserve. This is happening because of your small penis, this is happening because you just aren’t man enough to satisfy her.

Then the boss booms in, calling you a pathetic wimp. Forcing you to watch his every move while he fucks your wife until she cums at least 5 times…something you’ve never done.

Want to dive into this cuckold fantasy, uncensored, with much more details?

If you are really daring, you can roleplay this out with another man on the phone (a real man)

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Humiliating Spanking Story and Roleplay

Today started out on a sour note, I came in to work as usual and before I knew it, my computer crashed–I know my way around a computer, but apparently today the computer was just not cooperating  Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long for the IT guy to come running, after all being beautiful has its perks.  I glanced up to see a tall, lanky, member of the geek squad standing over my desk.

“The receptionist said you are having computer problems?”

He leaned over me, his face so close to my voluptuous breast I could feel his breath on my skin.  He was doing this intentionally; my thought confirmed when I felt his hand slide down my side to rest on my hip.  I kept quiet for a moment to see just how far he would take his shenanigans.

“You know they just opened a new fusion restaurant around the corner.  I can pick you up this afternoon and afterwards we can crash my place.  I would love to be balls deep inside of you.”

Who did this little punk think he was?  She could have him fired in a heartbeat, but instead she had something a little more fun in mind.

“Do you know who I am?”

“If you looked up angel in the dictionary, I’m sure your name would be there.”

“Funny, but actually, Im very close friends with CEO of the company and I can easily have you fired.”  The truth was the CEO wasn’t exactly her uncle anymore.  She did however still rendezvous with him every other weekend.

“Please, you wouldn’t…. I need this job.  I have bills to pay!”

“Oh, but I can and I will.”  I said and stormed from my seat and up the elevator.  In minutes, the IT guy and I were seated before my ex-uncle, current lover, and CEO.

“Joshua, Lillith has told me what happened at her desk.  I have to say I am stunned you would commit such an act.  You do know this is grounds for automatic dismissal and will be on your permanent employment record.  You may never work again.”

“Please sir, don’t fire me, I love working here.  I will do anything you ask, just please don’t fire me.”

“Okay, I will make you an offer.  Tonight I will be hosting a dinner party at my house and would like you to be there.  There will be a few members of the board present and some employees from the company.  You may take your punishment as Lillith sees fit there.  You may follow me to my house after work.  Do you agree to this arrangement Joshua?”

“Yes sir, anything to stay employed here.”

Arriving at my uncle’s mansion, I stepped from the car, my excitement building with each step.  I saw Josh step from his small Toyota compact car and onto the sidewalk.  Fear of the unknown flashed across his face as he did his best to contain his emotions.

“Well, well, you did show after all didn’t you Joshie!”  I smiled as one of the other IT guys called out to him.  Oh but this was going to be fun.

Josh’s mouth dropped when he entered the back yard of the huge house.  People were gathered around the center of the court yard, some he knew and some he didn’t.  A contraption set up in the center seemed to be the main attraction.  Leather wrist straps were hanging from the top and at the bottom leather straps for one’s ankles.  Beside the setup stood Lillith, her long brown hair left to hang in curls about her shoulders.  She wore a black corset laced in the front with a single red satin ribbon.  Her long sexy legs magnified by the leather pants and spike heel stilettos she wore.

“Josh, over here.  Strip down to your underwear.”

The look on his face said he wanted to protest; humiliation cast a red blush across his cheeks.  He knew he couldn’t protest he needed this job too much.

Walking over to the center of the group, Joshua dropped his khaki slacks and removed his shoes.  His shirt tail still covered his underwear, but as he began to remove the shirt people began to snicker.  Under the cover of his slacks and light blue dress shirt was a pair of pink lace panties.  A smile danced across my face, I heard the rumors but didn’t know how true they were.

I strapped Joshua’s hands and ankles with the leather cuffs.  He stood there exposed to his peers and a few strangers.

“Today, Joshua made a pass at Lillith at work.  For his direct violation of employee code, he will receive a spanking from Lillith for his indiscretions.”

Paddle in hand, I walked over to him and slowly rolled his pink panties down to his knees.  He would receive his spanking bare bottom.  Smoothing my hands over his tight ass, I massaged the globes and his upper thighs.  To be spanked by a woman in front of the very people he worked for was beyond humiliation.

Loud swooshes sounded through the air before he felt the sting of the paddle.  His body quivered as I continued his punishment.  Squeals of excitement left his lips as the paddle continued to connect with his bare skin.  His erection told the story of how much he enjoyed his punishment.

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Femdom relationship : Communication is Key

As with every aspect of life to get the most out of your femdom relationship, communication is KEY.

Being able to articulate your desires, your limits, and address any concerns you may have are paramount to solidifying and moving forth and growing within that setting: regardless if it is a personal femdom relationship or a professional one.

Even if you are just starting out as a submissive, you still have an IDEA of what rode you want to take. If you are a clean slate and are OK with your Domme guiding you through the many layers of the Femdom world that’s ok…just be prepared for what all that may or may not entail.

An experienced Domme will know how to deal with the ‘green’ submissives. But, she will also see through you almost immediately if you are claiming green but are just someone trying to be sneaky for whatever reason you may have. With that said, as new as you may be…you STILL need to have at least an inkling of which direction you want to go, which area you would like to even test drive.

You must always be careful with the statement “Do whatever you want to me” – which is loathed by many Dominants, male and female alike. You make that statement and I’ll immediately go straight to the wallet rapping and pegging. (Hey if that’s something you are into that’s even better 😉 but often times the submissive is looking for something different)

Speaking from experience, my ideal submissive is one that I would classify as a cerebral submissive. One that analyzes, one that experiments, one that isn’t afraid to express his own desires. Of course his desires and my desires SHOULD pair up if we are going to ‘connect’ on a deeper level for the more cerebral part. You could classify it as a mind fuck, one that goes beyond the session. (Im working on a post for what I view as a cerebral submissive that I’ll post at some point)

If you don’t know your limits, it’s important to learn them, so that you can better communicate them. I adore my pain slut submissives, but they absolutely need to know their limits so we can play within safer perimeters — or so I know how far is to far and ease them to that limit so they can one day surpass it. (I certainly have goals for them 😉 )

I have had experiences where we didn’t connect due to lack of communication, both RT pro-sessions and distance. He may not have known HOW to communicate the desires or didn’t understand, and it wasn’t really a blemish on my part as the dominate. I’ve been in the game a long time, I know I’m amazing 😉 For me there has to be more than just ‘do your thing’ if you want MORE than how I respond to ‘do your thing’

Communicating your goals and thoughts is NOT topping from the bottom when coming from a place of honesty and respect. Topping from the bottom is not ok whether you are an online submissive or RT submissive, with your femdom relationship.

In my eyes, those are two completely different beasts.

Everyone has goals. I have my ideas on where I want to take a submissive, and I’m sure the submissive has his own goals. In order for everyone to get the full enjoyment and all around experience…Communication is key within the femdom relationship.

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Why Choose Phone Domination?

Why Phone Domination?

Let’s face it, it can be a truly daunting task picking up the phone and contact a mistress of my skill and ability. I understand…most femdom phone mistresses understand.

But it really is NOT as scary as it seems. Sure I’m dominate, intimidating, beautiful and all of the above…but do you think you’d be the first time phone sex caller I’ve ever had?

I find it WONDERFUL when I get to pop a cherry…and am always willing to guide you through the process of femdom phone domination.

What makes it different with Mistress Lillith

I’ve been at this for over 7 years, and have both real time and phone experience. I am a lifestyle mistress, a pro dominatrix and phone mistress. I am the Mistress of All Trades, and a true fetishist. I am sure you’ve read hundreds of blogs, several laying claim to the same thing—but you can read my feed back for confirmation, or you can always message me with questions that you may have.

My domination phone sessions range from sensual to sadistic and everything in between. After asking just a few questions about what kind of mistress you are looking for, I have all the information I need to give you an amazing domination experience. If it is your first, or your hundredth it will be one you remember. My name will be one you remember.

It’s Safe

Phone sex domination is SAFE sex domination

I always preach safe sex, and while glory holes and cock sucking craigslist ads may come up in fantasy, I am a HUGE proponent of safe sex. What a better way to explore your fantasies than with a Phone Goddess. You have the privacy and discretion of your mistress not having any of your information (except for what YOU supply to her), there is no risk of any kind of venereal disease or STD. You can be who you want to be, and how you want to be…you can loosen your tie and tell your sexual counselor everything without worrying about pure judgment.

What are you waiting for?

If you are on the edge of calling your mistress, take that plunge to submission, take that plunge into a guided masturbation session. Leave your inhibitions behind and come to Mistress Lillith for all your fetish loving needs.

What do you look for in a phone Mistress? What is your biggest fear/concern? Or what do you LOVE most about it?

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strap-on training and pegging

Do you have a fantasy about a Femdom like me using my strap-on dildo on you?   Do you like sensual strap-on worship or hardcore strap-on sucking and fucking? Think you could handle worshiping my strap-on dildo that is nearly DOUBLE the size of your pathetic little dick?

Perhaps you already have a dildo to use during our strap on training phone domination call and want me to tell you exactly how I will use it on you.   Whatever your desire, you have found your  Strap-on Trainer.  I know some men view the strap-on as the symbol of Femdom power and enjoy being taken by a Mistress in a Dom\sub power exchange scenario. If I’m in a very dominant mood, I will make you take my cock deep in your throat, even make you gag on it.

Do you like it rough?  I know other men enjoy forced bi role plays or strap on training that will lead them toward taking cock flesh instead of a cock sextoy.

And even other men enjoy my strap-on stimulating their male G-spot a/k/a the P-spot (P stands for the male Prostate gland) which makes them experience the most intense, mind-blowing orgasms.

I have several different strap-on sizes that I use and I can tell you how I’ve used them in person if you want to hear about my strap-on experiences–My favorite being my 8.5 inch bright red, ribbed one.

As your Strap-on Trainer, I will take your desires further than you’ve fantasized or actualized.

Submitting to my strapon is certainly a way to show obedience. I’ve been known to severly punish submissives using my strapon. Their tight little assholes, well, they weren’t so tight when I was done with them!

If you think you are ready to submit to a strap-on domme like me and submit to my strap-on training that includes anal stretching — contact me.

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