Indulging Cuckold Cravings

Fear not, little cuckold, you are in good hands.  Or perhaps I should say, you’re about to be transformed by the hypnotic sounds of my voice into a perfectly obedient cuckold as we indulge in your cuckold cravings.

In my mesmerizing world of sultrily seductive cuckold phone sex, your one desire is to please and serve me. 

That may entail many things, my little slut pup, so I hope you brought your appetite.  Once I’ve caught your mind and imagination in my web of entrancement, you will happily fluff my lover for me.  You will also beg to sop up cum-filled creampies with your hungry tongue.  You will not miss a drop.

I also like to use my new found cuckold puppet as a tool to better enhance my experience with my sexy lover.  You may be required to elevate my hips so as to facilitate a better angle for mine and his pleasure.  Of course, this means you’ll be better able to feel every juicy thrust as well.

In the end, it won’t matter what exactly we play.  I enjoy playing many hot phone sex fantasies.  What will remain with you will be my seductive entrancing tones that will seep into your memory and your thirst will only be quenched when you call

Allow me to mold you from the pathetic, sexually useless male that you are, and turn you into the proper cuckold husband.

If you are brave enough or seeking a more realistic cuckold experience, take the step to call me and my bull.

We will have some cuckold fun together.

And for the beginners, cum to Mistress Lillith and let me guide you through the world of cuckold fantasies.

Indulge in your Cuckold Cravings

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Discipline of the Submissive

There is so much more to being a discipline mistress than dueling out over the knee spankings, and whippings.

I will train and condition you in different areas and focuses of the fetish lifestyle and kink. I know the inner workings of a true submissive and know that the type of submissive I seek, is one that needs training and growth in their kink. I prefer someone cerebral that does have ideas for their trainings and can add to the session. In some instances I have a brand-new-to-fetish submissive that needs to learn what it is that makes him tick and that is precisely what I do.

I discipline new submissive and train them in the erotic form of fetish and kink.

Of course I love to paddle your asses until they are bright red and throbbing. Inflicting pain for my pleasure is something I will always take great pride in. But, I paddle with a purpose.

I whip you to further your training, in whatever area that may be. I whip you because as a submissive you need constant reminding of your place, and that is at my feet, bent over, ready to take whatever punishment your mistress is going to hand out

I will teach you that being submissive to a discipline mistress, always goes beyond. A whipping isn’t just a whipping; a cock tease isn’t just a cock tease. There are many layers of femdom, fetish and kink. Where you start on your submissive journey will be similar, but where you go and where you end up (And keep ending up) changes because of the ever-evolving nature of kink.

I will mold you and discipline you to become the submissive play thing that I want you to become. Enjoy the journey.

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