Texting 2.00
Phone/Voice 2.50 
Cam 3.00 
**Per minute with a 10-Minute Minimum**

Distance Domination and BDSM Phone Training with Mistress Lillith

It’s time for you to take your secret submissive fantasies and confess them to your discipline mistress. If you are seeking a distance domination phone, erotic texting or cam session ~ I am going to be the phone mistress for you.

What desires do you keep hidden away until you close the door and are alone with just your thoughts, a bottle of lube (or a pair of panties)?

No need to indulge alone…Having your mistress there to guide you and turn those wet dreams into a wet reality will make it all the better.

What route will you take?





Phone Domination sessions are 2.50 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. Done via phone or voice on skype. I will still watch YOUR cam during a phone session if requested. Cam to Cam is different and information is below.


Erotic Texting sessions are 2.00 per minute with 10-minimum. Texting Sessions are done via Skype. I will NOT watch YOUR cam for texting sessions. If you want to text and have your cam on, the price will be the regular phone/voice price of 2.50 per minute. I will NOT download other programs/apps for texting.

I will NOT watch YOUR cam for texting sessions. If you want to text and have your cam on, the price will be the regular phone/voice price of 2.50 per minute.

I will NOT download other programs/apps for texting.

Texting via cell phone to cell phone is an option so long as you understand that you are ONLY permitted to text that number AFTER you have paid. No chitchat or setting up a call, and there is a $35 tribute required for my personal number. Breaking the rules will result in an immediate ban from using my number.

Skype: Mistress.Lillith

You are free to add me set up a call, regular chit chat is reserved for VIP Clients and is kept at minimum. If you add me but don’t engage in a domination session within a selected time frame you will be blocked/ignored. Don’t abuse the privilege. Also, refrain from asking ‘what does this entail’ — If you are curious and want specifics set up a sexy texting or phone session to work out the specifics.


Humiliatrix cam sessions are 3.00 per minute with a 10-minute minimum.  I have an HD-logitech cam that I use for my sessions.  I am rarely available for cam before 11pm eastern during the week. There are several times I am available for texting or phone but not cam. Confirm first.

If I am available for calls, I will sign in for cam with a 30-minute minimum.

Appointments accepted, minimum of 30-minutete sessions for appointments and half down at the time the appointment is made. No exceptions until after the 3rd cam session, at which point a deposit is not required. *Should you fail to now show up for your allotted time and not give me at least a 3-hour advance notice, you loose your desposit and cannot use it for another session. Should I show mercy and allow you to schedule again, the full amount of the session will be due. Same rules for cancellation apply.

Skype: Mistress.Lillith



Email me at madamerotic @ gmail for scheduling appointments or add me on skype: mistress.lillith


You may contact me on my toll-free number at 855-545-5484. You are directly connected to me.

I use direct billing with my toll-free number and will ask for your billing information. It is kept strictly confidential. All major Credit Cards and prepaid cards accepted. Debit cards are ok so long as they have the Visa/Mastercard logo on it.

You can also use my Online Payment Option that is the same discreet billing as my direct billing.


You can connect to me through Niteflirt using the purple button below and go directly to my profile.
Call Mistress Lillith for phone sex on


!!!!NO PAYPAL!!!!


  1. Mistress Lillith,
    i am a mature married male submissive who has been looking for a way to satisfy my submissive desires with an experienced Mistress. my wife is not aware of my love for D/s. i have been married for several years and have grown children and grandchildren. i am not able to use credit cards for an online relationship, but can buy cards at walmart that use numbers to transfer by email to others. i am a retired military officer and must be extremely discrete. i have read most of your fetlife and website material. i even checked your list of friends. i am only able to access this laptop when my wife is away from the house.
    Please provide instructions on the best way to proceed. Thank You

    1. I understand my dear. If I know what card it is it should be ok. Gift cards with the visa or mastercard logo on it are often ok. The best way to proceed will be to set up an appointment either via my email madamerotic at gmail or skype: mistress.lillith . I understand your predicament so this is what Im able to offer. 😉 It may be a bit of a task but we can make it work my dear.

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