Taboo Mistress Chronicles

You always find mistresses that have certain limits and restrictions. I consider myself to be an unrestricted kinktress and fulfill desires that some would stray away from and certainly turn their nose up at.

I enjoy discussing the taboo fetishes that make people queasy and ones that normally get turned down. Why? Because it is fascinating to know each and every kink and desire – when I say I am a fetishist…I mean I engage in fetish play of all kinds – female domination has many facets and I want to explore every nook and cranny, that is the only way to determine what you TRULY enjoy and what you do not care so much for.

I am a non-judgmental mistress – because of that I have done things such as period training with the sissies, and scat and golden shower play with my humiliation addicts. I’ve engaged in abduction and accomplice roleplays and scenarios and I’ve even played around with some vore stories (especially the ones with you cumming and going at the same time…those are always deviantly delicious)

Because I am sure you would enjoy seeing a more taboo loving mistress, I am going to start the Taboo Mistress Chronicles. I will discuss different taboo subjects that get some cocks rock hard, and I will even highlight some of my more interesting taboo calls and sessions that I receive.

It won’t be for the faint of heart, and if you know anything about me – I have many blogs that I post to regularly so if taboo turns you off,  You can read one of those until I post something that doesn’t make you so squirmy. But if taboo makes you feel all tingly and makes that cock twitch – then enjoy the Taboo Mistress Chronicles – Look for the first one to be posted on Friday (Perhaps I should make every Friday, fetish Friday to post some of the ultimate taboo fetishes)

If you have some taboo kink confession –id love for you to submit it…perhaps you will see a fantasy played out in a blog, or a teaser kinky message from me regarding your particular taboo confession. Click on the Confessions tab at the top to submit yours for the Taboo Mistress Chronicles.

Chat soon fetish lovers.