Your Erotic Financial Advisor Awaits

When the penis does the picking. It get’s itself into trouble. You constantly find yourself in a state of panic, in a state of near or complete ruin. What you need ~ is an erotic financial advisor.

Truth is, your addiction to humiliation, cock control, and your addiction to emptying your wallet into the hands of a beautiful temptress – is NEVER going to go away. The desire WILL continue to grow, sometimes at a steady, slow pace and other times at a rapid rate.

This leaves you scrambling wondering what to do until the next payday. Do you pawn your wedding ring? Do you sell some of your most treasured possessions? How DO you manage the addiction?

The answer is YOU don’t…**I** do. I control your cock, I control your spending habits, I control your addiction. I decide if and when to take it further.  I decide if you should be ruined until the next pay day or if you are allowed a little room to squirm.

I’ve already said that when your penis does the picking, it gets into trouble. But, your penis is already picking me. And I can assure you, that is the single best decision it has made in a very, very long time.

You were put on this earth to spoil and admire and to give all you have. I was put on this earth to BE spoiled, to BE admired, and to take all you have.

At the end of the day ~ I truly have your best intentions at heart. A wallet raped pay pig is well taken care of, well coddled – so long as you are doing what is REALLY important.

I will be taking charge of your finances and I will be that erotic financial advisor – with a side of kink therapy.

One thing to take note of: I am your most important bill. You take care of me, your erotic financial advisor, before you take care of ANYTHING else. Because if you want my guidance, my attention..if you want ME – then you have to take care of me. I come above everything and everyone. And in return, you can find comfort and feel secure with belonging to an elite financial domme.

The pussy will do the picking from now on, it will make the decisions for you from now on. SO, its time to stop dicking around. Your addiction won’t wait. Allow someone that understands your needs to take control. You will get the feeling of relief, if at least for a little bit. At times you may feel weak, but you will feel empowered – like you are making a difference and taking control.

By giving me control of your life, you are taking control of your addiction. Realizing that you’ve never HAD the control and the only way to deal with it – is to have your elite findom – your money goddess – your erotic financial advisor – your EVERYTHING…take control for you.

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