The Sexually Adventurous are free

The world is so uptight. Everyone fighting over everything, everyone constantly on edge and afraid. It used to be that when someone was on edge we’d make the comment that ‘he/she just needs to get laid’

In fact, if you look up the history of the vibrator it was created by doctors to cure ‘Female Hysteria’ – apparently, we get hysterical when we are sexually aroused and haven’t had our own climatic release in quite some time.

If you notice, those that are sexually adventurous and have lively sex lives, seem to be more carefree.  They walk around with smiles, fewer things really get to them. And they are less on edge.

That is kind of funny…the more I edge you in a tease and denial training session, the more you are on edge in the outside/vanilla world. Although, being on edge sexually isn’t quite the same as walking around on edge in the vanilla world, perhaps tease and denial IS your release and you are less on edge, by being edge. Like the circular logic there? LOL BDSM, Kink and Fetish is quite the rabbit hole.

Regardless, while the rest of the world may chastise those that have a peculiar sexual appetite, it is not us that they need to worry about.

You may not be open about your cravings, kinks and fetish lifestyles—and you may fall victim to the double life dilemma…that doesn’t change that you are sexually adventurous, ergo you are more free than most pent up, sexually frustrated prudes that walk around.

More KINK, less hate.

Find freedom, in sexually freeing yourself. Trying something new. Take a walk on the wild side. Do something you never thought about before. You may find that you enjoy it more than you think and suddenly your eyes are opened and you can breathe a little bit more.

I can be your fetish guidance counselor for you, taking you down the different paths related to femdom and bdsm. I can free you from your vanilla traps, while encasing you in my own. I am just one avenue to seek and learn, there are numerous others, there are very few limits when consenting adults are involved.

Try a new sexual adventure and free yourself.

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The Double Life Dilemma

Everyone has some sort of double life dilemma. In SOME aspect I think the majority live it to an extent.

Being a fetishist and knowing how the majority of the world reacts to those that are sexually progressive – it is easy to understand why so many hide it.

It is sad because EVERYONE is hiding SOMETHING.

They are hiding a fetish, a fantasy, a kink, a lifestyle. They are fantasizing about it and some are repressing it while others seek out pro-dommes and other avenues to fulfill their fantasies. EVERYONE has a fantasy, EVERYONE has a fetish. I just wish more people would acknowledge it. Maybe the world would be less uptight if we were able to openly indulge every so often. Then again…maybe the double life duty IS the fetish. LOL

It is a constant struggle between wanting to indulge and not wanting the ever judging eyes of a society that claims it is so open minded and yet we see in the world of fetish and kink and bdsm…they are not open minded at all.

I fully embrace who I am. Living a double life isn’t about concealing my own identity so much as it is protecting others.

I have a circle that knows the ins and outs of everything I do, but because I am so ingrained in my surrounding community and because of what I do in my vanilla field during the day – I keep my lips tightened with regards to my lifestyle and ‘other life’

The way consenting adults live out their lives is none of anyone’s business, nor is it there for anyone to judge. We aren’t hurting anyone (well pain sluts are consenting to it…very different 😉 ) – We aren’t forced into the lifestyle, we willingly accept it.

I know that the majority of my subs and slaves, sissies and pay pigs have to juggle a double life and they struggle with the question of “who is the real them”?

They forced to go into hiding. Hiding from their friends and family, hiding from their co-workers, hiding from their significant others.

I understand the detriment and crumbling of your foundation if someone where to find out.

I have people in my inner circle that I remain tight lipped around.

I’ve also helped some subs ‘come out’ so to speak in a stretch to minimize the struggle.

Honestly, I thrive on the double duty life. I like being able to go from one to the other. I like to have my cake and eat it too. I like to play with fire.

My subbie boys love to play with fire too. They love the idea of being exposed, and they get off on the idea of being exposed. They want to walk so close to the edge of total exposure and yet don’t want to be fully exposed.

They want to hide in plain sight.

I simply love it

Living a double life for most of you IS the real you. It’s not some façade. Who you are during the day and who you are during the night – are the same person.

Don’t struggle with what society deems ‘normal’…accept your kink and fetishes. So long as you aren’t hurting anyone else there is nothing wrong with it. If you are living out your desires with another consenting adult, there is nothing wrong with it.

You are you. You can embrace you the way a femdom would embrace your lifestyle.

It will be a constant struggle. It may continue to be a struggle for you despite your best efforts. But, life is too short to deny your inner submissive desires. Find a mistress you connect with and find someone that deals with the double life dilemma just like you.


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