About Mistress

Who Is Mistress Lillith?

Growing up I was always the ‘Leader of the Pack’. I knew what I wanted, and I have always gone after it. In High School I was active in sports but wasn’t your ‘cheerleader’ type. Yes I was a nerd, Yes, I was smart, and Yes, I was athletic. But…I always had a double life.

There was always this secret lifestyle that I kept with me, I knew there were whispers about things that I enjoyed doing in the bedroom and all it did was have me grinning from ear to ear as people would, every so often, find the courage to come up to me and ask questions.

One of the biggest questions I get, that I hear daily—several times…is

When Did I know I was Dominant?

I didn’t really start to engage in the dominant/submissive lifestyle until I was about 18 and allowed to enter into the wonderful world of adult bookstores and got to actually purchase all the amazing bondage kits and domination books. However, I was always a ‘TOP’ in the bedroom, I was always yearning for something a little different, something that was and still is considered out of the norm. It was never ‘JUST SEX’ between my partners and I.

I feel that D/S relationships are like magnets. They just kind of attract to each other. It’s hard to say how I found myself in relationships that allowed the sexual freedom to engage in erotic humiliation, a kinky role play, or some other form of domination. Then again…given that once we were behind closed doors we did what I wanted to do…I’m sure there were many times I forced them into the submissive state—Makes me wonder how many discovered their submissive qualities after having an experience with me. What a beautiful thought!

I also get asked if I will Switch.

Even if I chose to play along, it is not in my genetic make up to be a submissive. I will never be truly submissive–it goes against nature. To me, a switch means you can become both parts and a true submissive rarely has the skills necessary to dominate. Likewise, a dominant rarely has the ability to just turn off the dominance. If you are asking about sensual domination, that is an entirely different scenario.

I truly love every facet of domination, ranging from the very sensual to the very strict and everything in between. I hold very few reserves for taboos—In fact can’t say that I actually have any.

I also believe that domination goes beyond the phone sex call and I like to really get in deep to find your truest desires to make your session with me a truly explosive and memorable one.

I am a college graduate, and have a vanilla lifestyle outside of my double-life fetish lifestyle. I am everything you could ever hope to discover with a distance domination mistress. I am Mistress Lillith.

I understand the need to keep secrets…we all have them…are you ready to share your dirty little secrets with me?