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Need to Contact Mistress?

In understanding the needs of today’s submissive servant, I understand that you may need to get a hold of me either before, during or after your session. I have several options below of getting into contact with me.

Skype: Mistress.Lillith

You can Fill out a Pre-Call Questionnaire

or fill out the contact form:

When contacting me:


(2) Put more than just a ‘hi’ in message. Especially if you are a new-to-me submissive, get to the point.

(3) DON’T ask for freebies. You are rot entitled to a ‘free peak’ or ‘free preview’. If you want to know If i’m ‘The right one’–you can listen to my voice sample to the side of the page, and you can read my blog posts and look over my websites. That is more than enough for you to enjoy and to make a decision.

(4) You may contact to set up a call, and can briefly discuss it. Please don’t plan on discussing a call or taking up time if you have no intention of purchasing time for texting, phone, or cam. I don’t mind an occasional Hi or light chit chat from current clients. Just don’t abuse the privilege. 🙂


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