Below are the most frequently asked questions about phone domination sessions with Mistress Lillith (or cam to cam or texting)

Are the phone domination sessions discreetly billed?

Yes my pets. I understand that you need anonymity. If you have more questions or concerns about how billing will appear just ask when you call.

Can I use a debit or prepaid card?

Yes-For debit cards so long as it has the Visa/Mastercard Logo on it.

Yes-For Prepaid credit card as long as it is registered. Your billing information will still be collected for identification and age verification purposes.

What am I charged for?

All Phone Domination, Cam Sessions and Text Sessions are billed in blocks of time~

Texting Sessions are 2.00 a minute with a 10 minute minimum

Phone Sex Sessions are 2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

Cam Sessions are 3.00 per minute with a 15 minute minimum

What can I talk about?

Anything that makes you pricklette hard and oozing with droplets of cum. For cam, texting, and phone sessions we can talk about anything you desire. I have no taboos. However I DO have specific rules about my cam sessions. Be sure to read those if you have questions about ‘what I will do on cam

Can I have serve more than one person during a session?

Short answer is YES. I can arrange for a phone or texting session with another mistress or two, even a few switches and submissive girls — and I do have a Master on standby to engage if you are feeling a little extra kinky.

Cam to cam sessions involving more than one party are a little more difficult to coordinate but can be done with some finesse.I do currently have an on-call male submissive pimped out puppet available for 3-way group skype sessions.

Phone/Texting/Cam with an extra person yields an additional charge and is based on their per minute charges.

Since it takes coordination, I require a minimum of 20 minutes for group sessions.

How do I make an appointment? 

If you are an established pet of mine a simple email will suffice. For phone and texting appointments, email me your time request and put it in EASTERN time. If you are a new to me clients In order to make a confirmed appointment for a cam session, you will have to call in and provide billing information to hold the spot. You will not be charged until the actual session~

Do you offer RT sessions?

Yes, On occasion. I won’t sit and play 20 questions in regards to my RT sessions and scheduling them unless you have purchased a session or are an established client. (See below) I am a premium domme and dont offer my time for free — ever. 😉

Why are those pages password protected? 

Only those that have had paid phone, cam or texting sessions may view those pages at this time. For the time being im only allowing established clients. If you are an established client (having had at least 60 minutes worth of sessions within a 30 day time period) — you may request this password. All others must become an established client BEFORE the information is provided to you. NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • Andrew

    May 4, 2017 at 6:42 am

    I hope this is an ok question to ask here. I saw no other way to get into contact with you. The "contact me" link […] Read MoreI hope this is an ok question to ask here. I saw no other way to get into contact with you. The "contact me" link does not work. I was wanting to know if you still have the diaper training "course" you use to do. If I remember right, you would text or email the one taking the course, and they would have to send you a pic of them in their diaper with in X amount of time. There was more to it than just that, but no need to list everything. I was never able to take part, but now I am. Please let me know! Thanks ! Read Less

    • Mistress Lillith
      to Andrew

      May 9, 2017 at 3:24 am

      Yes I do my email is madamerotic at gmail -- and all the information on the daily diaper dares or the diaper checks are on […] Read MoreYes I do my email is madamerotic at gmail -- and all the information on the daily diaper dares or the diaper checks are on my ABDL specific site www.mommymistress.com - Not sure why the contact link isn't working as I did a check and it was fine but this is, of course, an acceptable way. :) Hope to connect with you soon dear. Read Less

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