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I am truly a mistress of many talents and some of my specialties have grown into something all on their own, and deserve a specific website or blog focused solely on a specific niche. What tickles your pickle?

Niche Specific Blogs: 

www.entitledbitches.com – This is a fin/dom fetish blog that I have with one of my best mistress friends, Ms. Isabelle. This is for those that enjoy spoiling their Goddesses and want to be mind fucked and wallet raped. We have financial expectations that need to be filled by our adoring pay piggies. Don’t forget to oink as you click the button!

www.humiliationaddicts.com – Erotic Humiliation is certainly something that I enjoy. Especially when I get a chance to laugh at those micro-penises, or when Im laughing as I make you gobble up your goo. There isn’t a ton out there that DOESN’T make me laugh and if I get to humiliate you for any reason, it will amuse and entertain me. That’s ultimately what you humiliation pets are here for anyway right? To entertain your Mistress.

www.sissydiaries.com – A Place for my sissies. Its a place I expose my sissies, I train my sissies and this is an area they can actually submit diary entries for posting. Want to share your sissy stories? You can submit them on sissy diaries.

www.humiliatrixoncam.com – My Cam specific website that has posts of my latest clips that I have created among other things like my cam to cam games that I like to play and some of the rules for engaging in cam sessions with Mistress Lillith.




WWW.mommymistress.com – is dedicated to my adult baby diaper lovers. It is an abdl specific website I have a diaper contract, sissy baby training, and much more. I know my abbies need a place to feel safe and feel special and a place to fulfill their fetish needs. That’s what Mommy Mistress is here for.


Niche Specific Websites:





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