Gift Mistress

I adore my pets, and a way to show your gratitude is to gift mistress with gift certificates, gifts, and cash.

I love shoes, and I’m a size 7 — when shopping for me, keep that in mind. I also love wine a semi-sweet red. I love corsets and panties, and anything to decorate my house with. (I also love my kitchen and always need special appliances for it)

You can email gift certificates to madamerotic @ gmail

You can go shopping on my amazon wishlist
(browse, click ‘add to cart’ and don’t worry, when you check out the send to address will be auto populated. all you have to do is shop)

Gift your Mistress

You can also just click the ‘tribute’ button
If you have a Niteflirt account just leave the tribute that will put a smile on the face of your spoiled mistress

Tribute Mistress Lillith Wallet Rape Financial Ruin

Also on niteflirt I have some financial domination games to play ~ If you are looking for wallet rape and financial ruin…let’s play

When you gift mistress, you are showing thoughtfulness and sincerity. You are taking the time to do something EXTRA for your Goddess. You are going above and beyond the call of duty for a submissive servant.

Yes, I do expect to be showered with gifts and more — but when those expectations are met a smile is put on my face. Don’t worry, if you get the amazing privilege of being permitted to serve me and be known as ‘Mistress Lillith’s Play Thing’, you know that by making me smile and going above and beyond — Mistress returns the favor.


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