Pre-Call Questionnaire


Texting/Cyber Sessions: 2.00 per minute
Phone/Voice: 2.50 per minute
Cam to Cam: 3.00 per minute

Wanting to connect with your Mistress prior to our phone domination session together?

Maybe you want to give me a heads up or tell me a little bit about you first~That is always acceptable and you can contact me on yahoo or skype (mistress.lillith for both) for a quick heads up prior to the session. I will never give out specific details related to a phone domination session (or texting session or cam to cam) — specific details would include ‘what will you do to me’ — ‘how will you get me to do this/that’. Mistress Lillith doesn’t play those games. 😉

So you can send me a message on skype/yahoo prior to your phone domination session, or you can fill out the questionnaire below, this is immediately sent to me and received in my email within just a few minutes.

I do like to get to know my submissive clients so that they can have an elite experience with an elite mistress. I especially want to know the areas that are absolutely off limits, and the areas that are a must. I know that the fetish life is very fluid, and I embrace the fluidity of it. So, don’t look at this questionnaire as inclusive, see it as just a starting point to an amazing journey with your Goddess.

Fill this out below, I’ll respond to the email within 24 hours, many times sooner. Please note that I will delete the questionnaire if I do not here from you within 48 hours of sending it in. I get several a day, and won’t let them clog my in box. 😉 

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