Webcam Sessions

Webcam Sessions are 30.00 for 10-minutes or 3.00 per minute.


Webcam domination sessions are something I often enjoy doing. But, as a findomme and a premium mistress it does come at a price.

Below is some information that you may be looking for when you are ready to have a cam to cam session with me.

How much are cam to cam sessions?

$30.00 for 10 minutes or $3.00 per minute(USD)

How do you accept payments?

You can connect to me through Niteflirt or you can be discreetly billed using my online payment option or allowing me to bill you directly.

You can pay using a debit or credit card. You must be 18+ in order to engage in sessions with me.

I DO NOT accept Paypal ~ On occasion I MAY accept Amazon, but an additional tribute is expected for making an exception.

How come you are available for Phone/Texting but Not Camming? 

I take pride in properly presenting myself during my cam to cam domination sessions. If I am only available for texting it is more than likely because it is far to loud for a phone conversation due to construction or company over, or I could be out and about or still at my vanilla job.

If its phone or texting and no camming, it more than likely means I am expecting company at some point or I just want to avoid any chance of company coming over unannounced.

And sometimes I just don’t feel like getting on cam so I wont. 😉

When are you available for cam 

I am a catch me while you can mistress, but your best bet for cam is after 11pm eastern (11pm-4am eastern)

What programs do you use for camming?

I will only use skype for webcam domination sessions. I have no interest nor will I download any other program. You can add me on skype: mistress.lillith

You are welcome to add me and have a brief chat to set up your session or to see if I’m available however, you will be blocked if you start to abuse the privilege of being able to chat for a brief moment beforehand.

Can I have just a quick free preview?


What do you do on cam?

Ask not what your Mistress can do for you, ask what YOU can do for your Mistress. Please remember that *I* am the director, not you. Also, be respectful at all times. I won’t do FULL nudity at any time. Other questions about specifics related to your personal cam to cam mistress session, you may discuss those with me in chat (briefly). It would behoove you to tribute your mistress if you are granted special requests (and in some cases it will be required)

*I reserve the right to show a watermark on my screen during cam sessions*

What can I do on cam?

The sky is the limit my dear.

What should I have ready for my cam session with you?

That will depend on what kind of session you are looking for. Bring/wear what you have as an option. I am aware that is incredibly vague, but I can’t guess what is in your house and unless I’ve sessioned with you in some form in the past, I don’t know what you are looking for – if you want an intro session to get a list you are more than welcome to set up a texting session with me to discuss specifics.

Do you have anyone else that will go on cam with us?

I don’t mind group skype sessions but due to far to many no-shows it is up to you to set it up and schedule it. If you want me to schedule to have someone with me during the cam session, please note I will charge $100 in addition to 5.00 per minute rate for multiple people on cam. The $100 is expected before hand and non-refundable and is for my time and his/hers. If you are a no-show you will have to pay the $100 again in order to session, if you show up after 2-3 proper shows I will waive the $100 fee.

Do you offer other types of sessions? How much do they cost?

Yes. In addition to cam to cam, I also offer phone/voice and texting/cyber chat sessions.

Texting is 2.00 per minute

Phone/voice is 2.50 per minute.


Can I make an appointment?

Yes. Just contact me directly (email, skype, or yahoo IM) and let me know a date and time you’d like to set up your session. I’ll let you know if the appointment is available. Appointments require a 20 minute minimum session.

If there are any other questions just send me a message or ask in the comments below and I’ll respond