The Illusion of the 24/7 Slave

You have scoured the internet for the perfect Mistress or Mommy Mistress. One that fits everything you could ever picture. The diamond in the rough, the union if you will. You found her. You find out how to contact her. You send an email — Your first ever conversation with her.

“Are you looking for a 24/7 live in slave”

How do you really expect someone to respond to that? If it were the vanilla dating girl and you found pictures and a profile of the girl of your dreams and sent a message

“let’s get married tomorrow and I want to move in”

It is not going to be met with a warm response IF you get a response at all. Instead, the email is marked spam, you may be blocked and you are dubbed ‘creepy as fuck’

You simply can’t contact someone on the first conversation and ask for 24/7 servitude. Maybe YOU have decided she is perfect for you…but how do you know SHE would think you are perfect for her?

The FANTASY of the 24/7 submissive, live-in-slave is a great one to roleplay out with RT sessions or Online domination sessions — But if you are asking in terms of a lifestyle 24/7 live in submissive or adult baby you have to understand the gravity of what you are asking.

I put in all my profiles and postings that I am not looking for a 24/7 live in submissive in any form.

Truth is IF I ever DID take one on it would happen organically. It would come by slowly and naturally just as any normal vanilla relationship would.

There is a courting period…there is a bonding period…and who knows if it would ever move past that.

To me a 24/7 live in slave is the same as a live in boyfriend or spouse. It would happen organically and I can guarantee I will never consider an arrangement like that long-term from a single email where we have never even met.

Of course, the illusion is fantastic. It is a beautiful picture.

You wake up early every day to have my coffee ready for me, my shower warmed up, my clothes for the day laid out.

We go our separate ways during the day as you would be expected to contribute to household expenses and all of mine. I go tend to my career goals in the vanilla world and come home to dinner already prepared, a glass of red wine poured, and the chores already done.

Every day for you is greeted with a swat or two as a daily discipline to remind you of your place. Every day you are to sit, kneeling at my feet awaiting my next command. You would live to serve me.

If you earned a reward then you would receive said reward when I deemed acceptable. You wouldn’t sleep in my bed, you would sleep in a dog cage or on the mat outside my door like a dog. You would eat out of a bowl. You would be collared full time and there would be no end to your serving me.

During online domination sessions I love to go over how it would be, even I like the fantasy of it. During my RT sessions I’ve done longer ones and would do a 24 hour or more live in slave scenario/role play

Of course for my adoring adult diaper lovers and sissy babies longer babysitting is exciting as well and is obviously much different than what I would fantasize as far as a slave goes.

The sky is the limit with imagination — hold onto the illusion of a 24/7 slave…role play it out…but if you are seeking an actual position of a 24/7 take time to think of what it really means and figure out how you should REALLY approach that type of conversation.

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